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Product Description

 5:00 PM-Pick up and Introduction to riding the bike
 Discussion about what type of food you are looking to enjoy
 5 hours of intense tasting of delicious Vietnamese food throughout the streets of Saigon
 Discussion about the science of Vietnamese cooking, food culture in Vietnam, and anything else that comes into our foodie minds
 10:00 PM-Drop Off and Farewell’s
 Unlimited Food and Drink
 Helmet, Rain Poncho
 English Speaking Drivers, an American Chef, Security and Support Team
 $5,000 Accident Coverage from Back of the Bike Tours
 Pick up and Drop off in District 1

If the children who are younger than 7 years old, they could drive with their parent on the same motorbike with the half price. If the children who are over 7 years old, they will need to ride with a driver by himself because of their size.

About our policy if it rains, we would watch the skies and it seems like it is going to have a miserable rain that will last all night, in this case we will cancel the tour at no cost for you. If we have not cancelled the tour ourselves feel that this rain will pass within a short period of time and the tour will still be good to go.

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